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   Sep 02

Muddy Duck Sanctuary news ~1996 – 2015

 Harold and Gladys ( 1991 ~ 2011)

Harold and Gladys

They came to Muddy Duck Rescue in 2007 and lived ther last few years out in grassy lawns and under the 200 year old Walnut tree. He went blind and she would come and fetch him if he got stuch in a bush! He would eat all the lettuce treats if she didnt hurry up and get her share!  They were a delight to give sanctuary to.


Wild Ducks

wild ducks

This pair return every year with one or two of their off spring looking for a suitable nesting spot. Every year she is walking over the sheds and he just looks like hes been through this every year and she will settle with a similar place as the previous years!


We have the most lovely sunsets and sun rises in the Autumn and Spring. This sun set had lost its ‘glow’ in a few minutes it took to find the camera and its still beautiful.



Arnold the orphan drake


He was brought to me as a late hatching, mum had all the others and decided it was time to go and take them to the pond for food.  He hatched the day after they had gone, taken in by a lady and brought to me.  He was a character and lives with a mixed bunch of ducks and chickens, he loves his duck-weed.

Arnold 1

Arnold 6 months later – a handsome chap.


Flash Gordon

Flash Gordon

All wood pigeons are called Flash Gordon.  Flash came to me as a few days old and needed to be hand fed every hour for a week, every 2 hours for 2 weeks, as and when ‘she ‘ was hungry after that, for another 3 weeks.  

She stayed at home once she could cope with 2 feeds a day- morning before I came to work and evening – when I returned home.  By now she could fly and would take off after breakfast into the trees that surround us at home.  But on an evening, like a sulking teenager, she would return to be hand fed!

She ( I thought it was a boy at first) flew away -not far- and paired up with one of my earlier Flash Gordons, so they are together all the time now. awwwwww :o)

Luckily my boss at work (my main job) was helpful and allowed me to take birds to work, often asking (as he peered into the cage) what is it this time?…a duck?

It could be any type of bird!


Honkety and Sunny

Honkety and Sunny

Honkety was a gander on the river at Bewdley, old and injured with a broken wing, he came to Muddy Duck sanctuary. His wing was strapped up and fixed. The first time he streched it carefully and flapped both in unison, he happily honked for England!

Next step was to find a lady for him, he could not be released on to the river again, its a  hard life nad he had long lost his ‘standing’ in the flock. He would have to start on the outside even if accepted. So, after a lot of phoning about I found a young goose for him. Even this could be a non starter….I took her up the garden in my arms and she honked; there was a pause; and a few questioning honks came back from Honkety. Love at first sight for both of them!!!

Oh, it was so lovely, I felt choked with emotion! They never fought, he was a gentleman to her, she followed him like a love sick teenager.

They have the same home as Arnold with huge pond for a bath.


Limpy Drake

car hit drake

He couldn’t walk.  HIs legs when you held him would give a little resistance so his legs were okay but shock or stress to the muscles were not holding him up.  Best way to help him was to put a large shallow pond filled to the top.  To let him sit in it all day with straw around the floor edge so when he had enough he could flop out onto the straw so he could dry off and be comfortable.  He could flap his wings so could drag himself across the ground. 

As always for newly injured birds into us, 10 days of antibiotics. After tha week he started to try to walk, after a month I decided he needed to back to the  water and the safest way was our local canal.  The river is too fast and the pub where I was thinking of is reknown for barges to stop and locals to feed the ducks.

Off we went and the first 2 times I kept him in the carrier just so he could look at the suroundings, this is less stressful the 3rd time when you let them go – the 3 time they think ‘ah, Ive been here before’.  There were a lot of reeds here so he could rest in the water between the reeds and be hidden and safe. This is exactly what he did. I went and fed him each night for a week, he had made a friend of another drake and the second week he was swimming and flying along the canal – happy dance!


2 Ring Neck Doves

2 ring neck doves

2 of these ring neck doves who came to us, both found in  a garden under some large trees. could not be left as dogs about.  Fed them for a week and after that they could feed them selves. But, the problem with these type of doves is they hate captivity but are not strong flyers untill they are about 8-10 weeks old.  So, they went into the finch flight till they have the strength to hang onto the inside wire netting and flap to get out – thats the time to release them and I always wait till the wild doves are about as the resuced ones will always go and join them – last count of wild ring neck doves was 23 in the flock, so it has gown from 3 very nicely over the years.


New Pigeon Flight

new pigeon flight

A lady who had some chickens gave me this, I finished putting  it up with plastic top. It kept many limpy birds of all sorts including Rooks, JackDaws, Magpies, pigeons, etc. 












































   Jul 01

Testimonials for our Flower Arranging DVD’s…

Testimonials for our learning

‘Flower Arranging DVD’s ‘

** 100% postive feed back – true!

Below is a small selection of comments from customers …
“Bought 4 dvd’s- I have managed to watch the first DVD and have found it fascinating.  I am very new to floristry having ventured into it by making arrangements for my parents cemetery plot I have found making the arrangements both therapeutic and an honour; getting a sense of achievement knowing I have done them my self. I am a full time senior nursing sister at my local hospital so free time is limited but I am looking forward to having a go at an arrangement for display in my home…. Sam
Bought all 4 DVD’s as on special offer….”Really interesting watching; hours of teaching – don’t think I shall remember it all but I can watch again and again, haven’t made anything yet but building up to it ;o)… Sheilgh
“Bought the Buttonhole and Corsage DVD’s – having a lot of fun with my daughters who have really got the hang  of making them!”… Jo
“Made my first posy arrangement in a dish, it was nerve racking and took me an hour but I did it!  I shall have another go and I did as you suggested and took a photo of it so I can look back and remember to see how I made it”… Phyllis
………………..Come on Phyllis, where’s the photo?! ;o)… Mary
Hello Mary –
I’ve now gotten around to writing a short ‘testimonial’ of our training day, so feel free to use it on your website etc!
‘After spending a 1:1 beginners level training day with Mary I found her to be a fantastic and motivating teacher.  She has a wealth of experience and knowledge which she communicates very well and she ensures that she is covering areas that the student wants to focus on.  We achieved a huge amount over the day, using both artificial and fresh flowers and I couldn’t have asked for a better beginner’s session or for a lovelier tutor!  I highly recommend Mary to anyone who wants to learn new skills or build on existing ones, and I am sure I will be calling on her again in the future!’- Lynda x
first wreath attempt!
 Very nicely done Lynda!
* * *
…remember you can view video clips from all the DVD’s along the top of the home page.


‘Hi Mary thank you for the DVD’s you sent to me,I am very pleased with them and found them very helpful’… Rita


‘Very happy with dvd’s, just need time to make full use of… CHJ

(8 discs DVDs on Flower Arranging & Floristry – extensive designs coverage)

Fantastic :) Henry Larson – (8 discs DVDs on Flower Arranging & Floristry – extensive designs coverage)

Hi mary your dvds I got are brilliant they will help me greatly, Andrew

December and previous months…

 –  I am back at college as well just about to start level one, but your dvd’s

have helped and I have even passed on some tips to my tutor! – Louise…..T.M.F. says; I did so like this comment!! We can ALL learn

– Super deal of 4 DVD’s for 3! I am having the flower arranging ones and my neice the wedding ones. I felt some comfort reading you are a slow learner too, it means I feel better taking it slowly -Heather G.

 – I bought your The Art of Floristry for my sister as she was talking about starting a new hobby, she makes gift cards so I know she is ‘crafty’.  She loves it  so I’ve just bought the following one ‘ Where do I stick my flowers’ (I love that title!) I know she will be delighted with it – its so easy to buy her presents now, vases, flowers, pots, Oasis, lol- Sophie D.

– Just to let you know that the DVDs arrived safely yesterday morning and I am highly delighted with  them. I’ve been growing Carnations and Pinks now for 13 years and never knew how to make a button hole! I especially like the part where you squeezed the top of the calyx to open up the flower.   Many thanks for your help and I will certainly recommend you! John S.

–  Fantastic ebayer! Super fast delivery. Great communication. Recommend to all!  :) – John

 – Very impressed with what I received thank you. Honest seller, recommended!!! Joyce

– Thanks very much!! A star!!! And thanks for your very fast p&p –  Jenny

 – just bought your 4 DVD’s as they were on special offer, fantastic value, my daughter is having  small wedding and wants to do the flowers herself with her friends helping. They have already had a girly afternoon practicing and loving it!  You explain clearly and not to fast (and we can ‘rewind’ if we miss anything!)- Sally

– I have bought your 4 DVD’s for my wife.  I am in her good books for weeks  :) – in Canada! Malcolm

 – Hi, I have made my first flower arrangement off the DVD and it wasn’t to bad- lol! – Sara

 – Oh I am so glad you are selling your fire lighters again, Jacqui

 – Just bought the double DVD set, I will watch it when the kids are at their nana’s!  Clair

 –  Have just learned something in the first 10 minutes! – Sharon

 – DVD on flower arranging – Thank you so much, I have received video today and am very excited about getting started – Julie

– Malvern Three Counties Show, showing Brides Mums how to make Button holes,Brides Bouquets & Arrangements for the wedding receptions—- ‘oh, you have been such a help, thank you so much’ —- ‘so that’s how you do it, you have taken a lot of worry from my shoulders —- ‘I’m going to look at the video clips on your web page as I think I will be buying all 3 DVDs’!’ —- one lady did buy 3 dvd’s  ‘just what I have been looking for’. Betty H.

 –  Mrs J . John from Weston Super Mare. “I am helping a friend to make carnation button holes for her friends wedding, so this has come in handy

 – Simple Button Holes and Corsages DVD’s sold – on ebay~ “brilliant dvds, well worth the money!”

-MOTHERS DAY DEAL ~ 4 Disk’s in flower arranging and floristry – “fantastic dvd, highly recommended!!!!

 – DVD package of 4 disks and products…”Just to let you know the package arrived as promised, last Friday, and my wife is delighted with it. (Brownie points for me!)”

– DVDs 1 & 2 Flower arranging sold on ebay……….. ” fantasic seller great item would recomend to anybody”

  – Re-2nd DVD ‘Where do I stick my flowers’…….”Hi Mary i did buy your 1st dvd just before christmas i found it very helpful.Idone a city and guilds in 1996 but did not do any thing with it so when I saw your dvds I thought I would give it a go again they really are good reminders for me and you take your time and don’t rush unlike some that I have i look foward to recieving no 2 .Keep up the good work.” Diana

 – Mrs W…….. said  I would like to win the ‘Where Do I Stick My Flowers?’ DVD as I find in your You Tube excerpt you give lots of tips which as I am self taught I find very useful.  I will be following your web site.  Great web site,Thank you.

Holly wreath posted Christmas 2011 …………….Hi Mary, The wreath arrived yesterday and it is beautiful. I will know what to feed the ducks on the duck pond now. My very Best Wishes.Caroline. 

A Local Demonstration I Did  In November 2011……..

~ ‘I didnt think I’d learn anything; just came out for the evening.  But you have inspired me to take flower arranging up again!’

~ ‘We found it all very interesting, you do it different than the others- you explain things and we could follow it.  Im not saying we took ALL of it in but we are going to have a go!’

~(found out a friends Mum came to it as well  who I hadn’t met) ~ ‘ Ive been

flower arranging for 40 years and thought I’d done it all, but you opened my eyes and I saw so many new ways of doing things I hadn’t given thought to;  I feel all re-energized to have a go’.

~ ‘ That was amazing, I thought you just ran a Duck Sanctuary!  I’d no idea you could do things like that!’

~ I want to buy that DVD, my daughter will love it, she is into crafts and I’m sure she can show me’ (laughing)

So you see, you can learn something and you can make something so dont be terrified!