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   Apr 28

Events we visit…

 Events we visit


October 2014

Bewdley Pumpin Fair

We had a lovely sunny day at the Pumpkin Fair at Bewdley on Saturday 25th.  Although the day before poured with rain and windy, by Saturday the watery sunshine was out and there were happy visitors and stall holders alike!  We were oposite a cafe’ so plenty of hot soup and coffee.

We had quite a busy day with it going quite mad at 3pm with both my other half and I serving like crazy people with a queue as well, all for our ‘Fir Cone Fire Lighters’ ;o)

Lots of interest in our bird rescue as well which was nice to chat to people.


September 2014

A month for rehoming cockerels!


August 2014

The Button Oak Country Show

…had double the stalls to last year and with the hit and miss weather, we were lucky with a dry day till 4pm when we packed up.

A friend ran a tombola for us and I educated the visitors in the way of the Fir Cone Fire Lighters and of course the rescue work we do…even land gulls!

Gilbert the Land Gull

Gilbert the Land Gull


July 2014

We went to the Trimly Heavey Horse Show and had a lovely day.  We were thankful it was a bit cooler after the hot spell we have had and temperatures were around 70 degrees.

stans show 006

We were selling our Fir Cone Fire Lighters and giving samples away to visitors who had not tried them yet.

Fir Cone Fire Lighters

Fir Cone Fire Lighters

How to light a fire

How to light a fire


We were amazed at how many customers were having a log burner or multi-fuel stove fitted this summer! Also the amount of people who said  “Ah! we already get our fire lighters from you!” So that was lovely to see returning customers :o)



At the Jinney Ring Craft Centre 20th July 2014


(photo from Jinney Ring page)

for the Cinnamon Trust – an Animal Magic Sunday!  Lots of animals and birds to look at and pet. Fun games and fun things to do all day. Refresments all day and sunshine ordered!

…..what a glorious day! Sunny, bit of cloud and a breeze, ideal for the animals that were there and the humans.  Had a good day and ran a plant tombola, great fun!

(will put photo’s on when I can work out new camera!)


How to light a Barbecue

 Cube fire lighters, these are the second version, twice the size of previous invention. Burn the best, only use one at a time.


February 2014

At Top Barn Farm, Holt Heath, Worc’s. A good event in the making;  have approached shops that sell logs and kindling to get to the customers who have log burners.

How to light your Log Burner, Multi-fuel Stove or Open Fire.  Our fire lighters light your fire so you dont have to go back and light the same fire twice!

How to light your Log Burner, Multi-fuel Stove or Open Fire.
Our fire lighters light your fire so you dont have to go back and light the same fire twice!


Look lower down for the link of how to light a fire or put muddy duck rescue in your browser and look for videos.


December 2013

Busy making Holly Wreaths, Spruce Wreaths, Spruce Swags, Spruce Garlands, Holly Crosses and Spruce Hearts- all decorated with fir cones, ribbons, artificial flowers, cinnamon sticks, orange slices.

Standard holly/spruce mix with a few extras, very popular this year the extra bits asked for by customers.

Selling lots of Fire Lighters, from the Meadow hay range, Fir Cones and Cube – wood shavings- ones! Should have kept a running total, must be hundreds and hundreds and 99.9 % of customers happy, infact very happy.


 November 2013

Busy making spruce swags and spruce wreaths. I have got my log burner on and am toastie warm in my ‘holly tunnel’ !

The fire lighters are selling well now its gone colder!


October 2013

Ordered 200 kg of wax and had it on a pallet, 400 miles round trip is tiring.  


 Went to the Far Forest  Womens Institute to  do a demonstration in Flower Arranging – it was fun and inspired some of the ladies to have a go!


 August 2013 – Have been to 2 local shows selling Fire Lighters and Teach Me Floristry DVD’s- Button Oak Fete and Far Forest Country Show. both very well attended and enjoyed both!


August 2013 – Have taken an order for 7 Nets of medium fir-cone fire lighters! (210 fire lighters)


If you have a garden put the ash around the plants as it is pure potash.

If you get a lot of snow and icy paths, put it on the paths, you can not slip with the ash down!


 July 2013

Busy making ‘Hay Bundle’ fire lighters for the winter!

12 firelighters


May 2013

Funny Teeth fire lighters, you can have white/green as well for a more ghoulish finish! Have a look in the shop

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

April 2013

Samples of the fire lighters we make and sell at Bewdley Market for St. Georges Day. There were lots of lovely people there all happy and chatty.

The ‘Bird Man of Bewdley (link below) shared a table with us and had a lot of good feedback!



   Jul 04

Read about – ‘Muddy Duck Rescue’ bird stories

Because I am so busy with bird rescue I can only update site  as and when!

Try facebook and ‘Muddy Duck Rescue’

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November 2014

I found some video of some of the Mallard ducklings that were brought to me earlier this year, so sweet!

  click the link  to our video store-

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October 2014

We have been very busy taking in collar doves and wood pigeons, seems the birds had a late nesting season this year with that sunshine into late September.

This morning I noticed 2 white doves on the house.  Wondering in they are from some I rehomed and they have come back?!  The 2 white fantails I DID rehome have had 2 babies, so when they have grown a bit more they can return to their new home.

I have re homed 2 more cockerels and have settled in lovely in their forever home.

One of my hens has been sitting on some eggs for a while.  Didnt think they were fertile and went to take them away from her on Friday 23rd to find she had 2 chicks! Because the average day temperature is cooler now,  I have taken the chicks and eggs and put into the incubator. They will go into a ‘brooder’ = a box with heat and light that keeps the chicks warm.  The temperature is dropped by 5 degrees a week. They will remain indoors till next April as they grow slower and are inclined to be weaker than spring borne chicks.

* * * * *

September 2014

Lots of  rescues this month, mainly Rooks & Piggeons, I just can’t turn them away.  I know they are not popular but they still have a life.

Tick on pigeons face

Tick on pigeons face

You can see a tick on this pigeons face by his beak.  They are a killer on any bird, sucking the blood and spewing nasties into the birds bloodstream, in fact any animal. The painless and easy way to kill them is to smother with Vassilene or petroleum jelly (same thing). This suffocates the body of the tick and it falls off about 18 hours later. DO NOT TRY AND PULL OFF.  This is too distressing for the animal or bird and will leave the head of the tick inside the birds body in the blood stream!!  This is brilliant on small birds like Budgies and Sparrows. Keep the bird separate from others and burn the ticks bodies when they drop off.

Ideal to kill ticks and rub on chickens legs to kill red mites and to make the chickcens legs all nice and smooth

Ideal to kill ticks and rub on chickens legs to kill red mites and to make the chickcens legs all nice and smooth

 * *

A very nice couple from Heightington, Bewdley,  have donated 2 cheques towards the bird food and a lot of 4″ x 8ft  wooden posts for the new winter quarters for the chickens. Brilliant and much appreciated!  They have also brought me 2 rooks. one of which has got the better of me and flown away, but is now strong and up to weight.  The other one had breathing problems and now is a bit limpy on his left leg.  this year I have had a lot of rooks with bad legs, mainly not being able to stretch them. I try to massage them but it is not something that works too well.

A thank you was given in fire lighters!

* *

I am trying to contact Antony from Bewdley way, he brought me  a one legged pigeon and he had some chicken netting for me but I did not think of getting his phone number. Really could do with it now Antony! Lets try a bit of telepathy!! Ha haa!


Chicken netting

* *

Other great news is that a glazing company in Kidderminster has given me a lot of double glased units to line my chicken house with so it will be dryer and warmer for the old girls this winter! It so happens that when I made the shed, I must have know that 12 years later I would have just the right size spaces for the paines  of glass to fit!! Payment was ‘chocolate buiscuits!

Received many double glazed units like this one

Received many double glazed units like this one

….and someone who sees me building duck houses and runs etc, had a friend who was extending his house and delivered to me a huge pile of wood offcuts…AND another guy I know has given me ply and wood fencing lengths! Oh boy! this month has been really fun!!

* * * * *

August 2014

Daisy the mallard duck was brought to me & couldn’t walk from being attacked by other ducks/drakes. She is waddling about quite happy with the others from the ‘limpy’ pen- this is the female Quackers, Billy no mates, Mr Apricot and his son.  She has become one of their gang and mixed in lovely even though it’s now looking that Daisy is infact a boy! Females normally only have one partner, but Quackers keeps all her admires in line with one quack! It seems she has the new duck trained already!

...I saw this on facebook, it did make me smile...

…I saw this on facebook, it did make me smile…

Another Pigeon to fetch tonight from another rescue centre. Out of the  other 6  last week- 1 died, 2 eating by themselves, 2 still being hand fed 3times a day and last one flying about feeding himself – I always refer to them as boys. Little sparrow died :o(  Maggie Pie has flown at last and not come back. The black and white crow has doubled in weight and started to fly. The wood pigeon that flew away on Monday is back for food! lol

duck and cat

… another facebook photo I liked…

Update ~ the 2 young ring neck doves are feeding them selves and flying about in the flight. I let them fly free today thinking that will be the last I see of them at close up. Tonight, went up to lock everyone up for the night and they have both come back INTO the flight! I did laugh! The big world must look very big from a little birds point of view.


This is Arnold, one of my favourite rescues, his feathers are as soft as fur and his nature is lovely. I saw him a few days ago in his forever home locally and had a cuddle. He always has a happy smile about him! x x



The little quail is struggling, they do like to live in a group. Mr Pigeon sat in his water bowl to keep cool yeaterday and so did quail under his wing….not good. Put him in incubator to watm up and was a lot better, hand feeding and encouraging to eat for an hour but the little one was tired. Left with pigeon over night but didnt look to bright this morning.

quail 2

So, back in incubator with a mirror (so he thinks he has one friend) and a flanel to cuddle up to and budgie food and water. I have tried to raise quail before and have found one or two difficult. There is a chicken broody and sitting on eggs, due to hatch. I am hoping quail will last till she hatches as she will take it on as it will be the same size as her chicks. Fingers crossed- I still get upset when I loose a little life :o(

Update….. baby quail died :(”””’


Another busy month with sparrows, crows, wood pigeons, ferel pigeons and a tiny quail about 3weeks old. I have a young pigeon with weak legs so he is in the house in a guniea pig cage in what we call the sun room, nice and warm and plenty of light.

Quail love to be with others and need warmth when little. They dont do so well in an incubator so this pigeon is unwittingly acting as mother to the quail! The quail has burried itself under the wing and is contentedly chirping. It comes out to eat and the pigeon is, I think, pleased of the company. Although it will not feed the little quail, both are deriving comfort of each other.

* * * * *

July 2014

Very busy still with injured and starving pigeons! Had a pheasant in, which is now released into fields. Now have Maggie the magpie who wants to go back in his cage every night even though he is flying about!

update- Maggie has decided to look after his/her shelf and now flown away.


Video of Flappy the pigeon!


Here is another woodie pigeon, ‘Squeeler’ and released okay.


Ahh, my boys showing off.


And a very kind follower gave me this chicken run.  It is now has a water proof roof and full of rabbit hutches and guinea pig cages for injured birds. Can always use such cages/hutches!


Chas and Dave wereIMG_4924 re-homed because their owner was distraught to have to loose them as a change of circumstance  occurred, she was so upset to loose them.- but I found a happy forever home for them!

And Arnold grown up, still with a happy smile on his face and happy nature.


Here is Arnold, one of my favourite for last year. So cute even when grown up and loved to be cuddled, rehomed to a lovely place locally- have a happy life Arnold xx


We have beautiful sunsets and sun rises on our hill!

* * * * *

Muddy Duck Rescue 2013

sunset over Muddy Duck Rescue 001

our summer visitors, she is the one with ducklings lower down the page. He catches up with her after a week or so. Ducks can be heard half a mile away.

where is our breakfast?

where is our breakfast?



Mum and ducklings happily swim away like last year and the year before and...!

Mum and ducklings happily swim away like last year and the year before and…!

Honkety came off the river at Bewdley with a broken wing, this was fixed and a girlfriend was found for him. She was sitting on eggs at her and his new home.


Honkety and sunny

Honkety and sunny

 Honkety and Sunny

   Oct 15

Bird Man of Bewdley

Donations to Bird Man of Bewdley in the ‘shop’

look on his web page

follow on face book – Bird Man Of Bewdley – Nick Taylor

Bird man of Bewdley